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Solar Partnership with

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Your Renewable Energy Solution

If you are having solar installed or are thinking about solar for your home and business, we know that the right energy provider is a key part of your future.
That’s why Ecotricity has partnered with Goodyer Solar to provide solar users throughout the Marlborough region with a unique climate positive certified energy package.

Goodyer Solar and Ecotricity aim to make life easy for solar customers so you can get the most out of your solar system.

Goodyer Solar is a proud member of SEANZ.

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Partnership Package


No charge for residential and small commercial meter replacements.


NZ's leading buyback rate during peak hours at 21c for residential battery customers.

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Opportunity to join our VPP Trial Programme - maximise the returns on your solar battery investment.


Ecotricity customer portal to track meter data and usage.

Solar installed

No maximum kWp capacity! We support all solar customers.

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No cap on contracted export price!

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Convert credit to cash!!!

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Commercial Solar

Our electricity product works perfectly in conjunction with onsite generation. Your business is ideal for solar if you have a large daytime load, e.g onsite cooling stores, hot water boilers, or an EV fleet to charge. For businesses not operating at the weekends, you will see an even greater return on investment through export credit.

  • NZ's first and only retailer to measure and offset all associated emissions with rooftop solar - produce your own 100% Climate Positive certified energy to power your business throughout the day!
  • All Commercial price plans have integrated export tariffs and are designed to support the uptake of solar 
  • Ecotricity provides industry-leading billing and meter data to Goodyer Solar to prepare the right-sized solar installation for each site

With 70% of our residential and small to medium sized business customers being solar customers, we're leading the way to a more sustainable and affordable energy future.

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Small-Medium Business Pricing Plans

Eco saver commercial

ecoSAVER Commercial

Lower off peak rates

Eco wholesale-1

ecoWHOLESALE Commercial

Access to half-hourly spot pricing

If your pricing isn't showing up on the onboarding page, please contact our Corporate support team business@ecotricity.co.nz

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Residential Solar

At Ecotricity, we are doing what we can to make it as easy as possible for Kiwis to transition into a zero carbon lifestyle.

  • No fixed customer contracts or termination fees
  • Network Charges always passed on at cost (including on peak and off peak rates)
  • Competitive rates for imported and exported energy 

We are NZ's leading solar retailer, where 26% of the entire solar market share are with Ecotricity for grid electricity. Come join the green energy revolution! 

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Residential Pricing Plans for Low & Standard Users

Eco saver


Lower off peak rates

Eco battery


Discounted energy rate & NZ's leading buyback rate during peak hours (must have a 5kWh or greater solar battery installed)

Eco wholesale


Access to half-hourly spot pricing (only recommended if you have a solar battery or an EV)

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Solar farm

What is climate positive certified energy?

As New Zealand’s only Toitū climate positive certified electricity retailer, we annually purchase and certify all our electricity from certified Toitū climate positive generation sources. Any remaining greenhouse gas emissions created through the maintenance and production of these generation plants are measured and offset at 125%. As a result, we can guarantee that the electricity powering your home or business has no carbon emissions associated with it.

Click on this link to find out more our climate positive product certification.

Customer Experience

Our dedicated customer excellence team and metering team provide ongoing customer care as a small yet established retailer. You will never have to worry about being put on hold with endless elevator music.

We will organise the Import/Export meter replacement free of charge* with Goodyer Solar. This meter replacement will allow you to be credited for any excess generation that your home or business does not consume.

Plus, 95% of our meters are smart half hour certified meters which means every couple of days you can see how you’re tracking online in our customer portal.

*For Meter Category 1 sites. All after business hours and extra travel charges are passed on at cost.

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